FAQ: What To Do In The Pyrenees Mountains?

What activities do people do in the Pyrenees?

Top Things to See and Do in the Pyrenees

  • Hike the Cirque de Gavarnie.
  • Enjoy an overnight stay at Parc Animalier.
  • Make the pilgrimage to Lourdes.
  • Ride a cable car over the Pont d’Espagne.
  • Walk the Chemin des Cascades.
  • Relax at Bagneres-de-Bigorre.
  • Go canyoning at night at Saint-Lary-Soulan.
  • Stargaze atop the Pic du Midi.

What are the Pyrenees mountains known for?

The Pyrenees mountains form one of the seven mountain ranges of France alongside the Alps, the Vosges, the Jura, the Massif Central, the Armorican Massif and the Corsican Massif. As its eastern alpine cousin the Pyrenees are well known for their sharp peaks.

What is special about the Pyrenees?

The Pyrenees form a high wall between France and Spain that has played a significant role in the history of both countries and of Europe as a whole. The range is some 270 miles (430 kilometres) long; it is barely six miles wide at its eastern end, but at its centre it reaches some 80 miles in width.

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What country is hidden in the Pyrenees Mountains?

For its budget options. Andorra has a lot of unique things going for it. Nestled in the Pyrenees, the principality is independent but is neither a part of the Eurozone nor is Euro its official currency. However, you’ll be hard-pressed to use any other currency except Euro inside Andorra.

Where should I live in the Pyrenees?

Places to live that are particularly sought after are the pretty market towns of Aurignac, Aspet, Salies-du-Salat, Arbas and Montesquieu-Volvestre as well as the villages around the spectacular historical town of St-Bertrand-de-Comminges, and the lovely spa town of Bagnères-de-Luchon with its ski resort, Superbagnères.

Are the Pyrenees part of the Alps?

Unlike the Alps, the Pyrenees are an old mountain range. They extend from the Mediterranean Sea westward all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, covering a total of about 270 miles. Many say Europe ends at the Pyrenees because, just like a wall, the mountains separate people.

What language is spoken in the Pyrenees mountains?

The principal languages spoken in the area are Spanish, French, Aragonese, Catalan (in Catalonia and Andorra), and Basque. Also spoken, to a lesser degree, is the Occitan language, consisting of the Gascon and Languedocien dialects in France and the Aranese dialect in the Aran Valley.

Does it snow in the Pyrenees?

With snow in many parts of the Pyrenees from December onwards, many walking trails are off-limits, but the mountains and valleys can still be explored by snow shoeing or cross country ski touring.

What is the difference between the Alps and the Pyrenees?

The Pyrenees have more trees and the mountains are more rolling. In the Alps, the rocky, snow-capped peaks are generally considered to be more spectacular. The Pyrenees have narrower, less well-made roads and it’s generally a bit warmer – good for spectators and bad for cyclists.

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What does the word Pyrenees mean?

(ˌpɪrəˈniːz ) plural noun. a mountain range between France and Spain, extending from the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean.

How many mountains are in the Pyrenees?

There are 9,946 named mountains in Pyrenees. The highest and the most prominent mountain is Pico de Aneto at 3404m. The Pyrénées form a natural border between France and Spain.

What is the highest mountain in the Pyrenees?

With almost no crime, scams or violence to report, getting into Andorra could be one of the most dangerous and frustrating parts or your trip. The only way into the country is through its sheer valleys.

Why is Andorra so rich?

Recently, Andorrans have become wealthy — thanks to the same mountains that kept them so isolated and poor for so long. Andorra employs those special economic weapons so popular among Europe’s little states: easygoing banking, duty-free shopping, and low, low taxes.

What is the language of Andorra?


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