How Much Is Grouse Mountain Skyride?

How long is the gondola ride up Grouse Mountain?

Soaring to an altitude of 4,100 feet above sea level, our Scenic Chairlift will transport you to the apex of Grouse Mountain in a ride time of fourteen minutes.

Is Grouse Mountain gondola open?

Open daily from 9:00am to 9:00pm.

How can I get Grouse Mountain for free?

Each day from July 20th to 31st, free admission will be available to the first one hundred people to book. Tickets are available online only as of 6am daily for same day visits. Skyride boarding time reservations are required as part of the free admission.

Can you walk up Grouse Mountain for free?

There is no fee to climb the Grouse Grind trail. From the top, the cost to take the Skyride back down is $20.00.

Are there bears on Grouse Grind?

Today marks the end of the longest hibernation period yet at Grouse Mountain for our two resident Grizzly Bears – Grinder and Coola. They went into their den and sleeping chamber on November 10th, 2020 and emerged today on April 29th, 2021.

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How many calories do you burn on the Grouse Grind?

2. BURNS THOSE CALORIES. The average hike for the average person (154 lbs) burns an estimated 370 calories per hour. However, the Grouse Grind (aka Mother Nature’s Stairmaster), given the aforementioned elevation, has been approximated to burn an average of 1000 calories from start to finish.

Can you drive to the top of Grouse Mountain?

It bears repeating – you do not drive to the TOP of the mountains. You drive to the base and take a gondola from there. Grouse is in Vancouver, Whistler is a different community 2 hrs north. That time of year, you may only need to step outside your door for snow.

How long is the Sea to Sky gondola ride?

HOW LONG IS THE GONDOLA RIDE? The gondola ride is approximately 10 minutes from our base to the summit.

Do you need snow tires to go to Grouse Mountain?

Rarely ever do you need winter tires to get there, which isn’t the case for all the other mountains. Grouse Mountain is also the Lower Mainland’s most accessible ski hill by Public Transit.

Do they check ID at Grouse Mountain?

NO EXCEPTIONS. All parties must be present at time of collection. Proof of identity, age and address for each person must also be provided at this time. For Student Passes, proof of full-time registration in a recognized post-secondary institution and valid student ID are required at time of Pass pick up.

Can a grouse fly?

They are capable of flying after just 5 days and can cover long distances (e.g., ΒΌ mile) per day on the ground. Habitat: Ruffed Grouse live in forested habitat in regions that have a pronounced winter often including deep snow.

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Which is harder Grouse Grind vs Bcmc?

The BCMC Trail runs parallel to the Grouse Grind and takes you from the Grouse Mountain parking lot up to the Grouse Mountain lodge. The trail is slightly less steep than the Grouse Grind, but a little bit longer. Overall, they are comparable in difficulty and time needed to complete.

Is the Grouse Grind harder than the chief?

What is harder, the Grouse Grind or the Chief? The Grouse Grind technically involves more elevation gain in a shorter distance. However, the entire climb takes place on stairs, which may be monotonous, but are much simpler to navigate than the rocks, roots, chains and ladders of the Chief.

How many flights of stairs is Grouse Grind?

What is Grouse Grind? The trail is only 2.9km long, but it’s made up of 2,830 stairs that go almost vertically up the side of Grouse Mountain, with an elevation gain of 2,800 feet.

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