Often asked: How To Get To Lake Mountain From Melbourne?

Can you drive to Lake Mountain?

From Marysville Once you arrive at the quaint township of Marysville, it’s a scenic 30-minute drive to Lake Mountain Alpine Resort. Take care on the road and through the warmer months be on the lookout for cyclists riding up and down the Lake Mountain Road.

Do you need chains to go to Lake Mountain?

Will I need wheel chains if I am planning to drive to Lake Mountain Alpine Resort? On occasions, due to heavy snow fall, it is necessary to carry and fit snow chains to two-wheel drive vehicles or engage 4×4 or engage snow conditions on all wheel drive vehicles where directed.

Can we go to Lake Mountain?

9 August 2021 – Lockdown ends for regional Victoria and Lake Mountain is back! We’re reopening! There is no longer a requirement for evidence of a negative COVID test to enter an Alpine Resort, however it is strongly recommended a visitor has a negative COVID test in the 72 hours prior to entering the resort.

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Where is it snowing in Victoria?

Where Else Can I See Snow In Victoria?

  • Lake Mountain – 100km, 2 hour drive from Melbourne.
  • Mt Baw Baw – 160km, 2 and a half hour drive from Melbourne.
  • Mt Buller – 250km, 3 hour drive from Melbourne.
  • Mt Stirling – 250km, 3 hour drive from Melbourne.
  • Mt Hotham – 357km, 4.5 hour drive from Melbourne.

Is Mount Baw Baw open?

The Resort has reopened for regional Victorians. Resort entry must be booked in advance in 2021 and can be purchased online.

Is there snow at Lake Mountain in September?

Lake Mountain Alpine Resort From June to September, Lake Mountain transforms into a winter wonderland providing an ideal first time snow experience. From June to September, Lake Mountain transforms into a winter wonderland providing an ideal first time snow experience. Offering over 30 kilometres of

Can you snowboard at Lake Mountain?

Our little mountain is the perfect place to start your kid’s snowboarding. Only two hours from Melbourne, it is an easy day on gentle slopes. We offer the highly regarded Burton Riglet and Burton LTR children’s snowboarding lessons, giving your kids all the support they need when they are first starting out.

How much are snow chains?

$40 to $100: Semi-auto or “assisted” fitting tire chains will cost between $60 and $80, while self-centering chains with auto-tensioning will be a little bit more expensive for an average passenger vehicle. $100 and up: Tire chains for SUVs and pickup trucks tend to be pricier because they are bigger.

Who owns Lake Mountain?

Lake Mountain Alpine Resort is one of Victoria’s officially designated Alpine Resorts and is operated by the Southern Alpine Resort Management Board.

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What height is Lake Mountain?

Lake Mountain is a 1,433-metre-high (4,701 ft) mountain and cross-country ski resort that is located in Victoria, Australia; approximately 120 kilometres (75 mi) from Melbourne. The area was named after George Lake, who was the Surveyor-General of the area including the mountain. There is no lake at Lake Mountain.

What should I wear if I don’t have snow boots?

You don’t need snow suits or snow boots to have fun in the snow (although boots are nice if the snow is deep). For the most comfortable experience outside in the snow, layer clothes. Wear sweats or long underwear under jeans (or wear two pairs of jeans).

What you need for a snow trip?


  1. Board: Just one board will do if you have the right one.
  2. Boots: I always stuff my boots with the socks for the trip to save on space in my bags.
  3. Outerwear: Usually 2 jackets, a thin outer shell and a nice puffy for insulation.
  4. Thermals:
  5. Gloves:
  6. Helmet:
  7. Goggles:
  8. Facemasks:

How do you dress up for the snow?

In case your outer layer lets any snow get through to your skin, wear a base layer of clothes that are designed to stay dry. Opt for woolen long underwear, fleece or synthetic fabrics. On really icy days, or if you’re not planning to wear snow pants, layer long underwear under a pair of warm pants.

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