Often asked: In “the Witness”, How Many Lasers Must Be Activated To Get Into The Mountain Area?

How many lasers do you need in The Witness?

You’ll need to access and complete this secret area to 100% The Witness. To do so, shoot all 11 lasers into the mountain and activate the control panel on the side and bottom of the box at the top of the mountain, as pictured above.

How many light beams does a witness have?

Complete all ten areas/light beams, and Blow promises a special ending surprise.

Where are the 11 lasers in The Witness?

You can find lasers in: Rock, Town, Monastery, Jungle, Greenhouse, Marsh, Keep, Treehouses, Forest, Quarry and Sun Temple. During your journey around the island, you will also find a boat. Using it, you can fast-travel between quay locations, which will prove key for solving several hidden puzzles.

What are the lasers in The Witness?

The island of The Witness is divided into 18 main areas, 11 of which contain lasers. Laser Areas

  • Symmetry.
  • Desert.
  • Quarry.
  • Logging.
  • Keep.
  • Monastery.
  • Treehouse.
  • Marsh.

What do the triangles mean in The Witness?

The Witness has many mysterious Collectibles that include strange Discarded Panels with yellow triangle markers scattered about the island. They all feature triangle icons – where the number of triangles in a square is related to how many times a line can touch the square.

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What order do you complete the witness?

To quickly tour every puzzle type, your itinerary should be: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 6. To complete the game, you should then proceed through 17, 10 and 14.

What does the end of the witness mean?

At the end, it leads you into a cage, and takes you to the beginning tunnel of the game, resetting the island’s puzzles. This ending says that what’s important isn’t the ‘meaning’ of the puzzles, but what one can take outside of the game into real life.

Is there a map for the witness?

The Witness Boat and Map The map and boat can be first found together in the Jungle area of the island. In the southern part of this area is a path psudo dock made of rocks. Follow the path and you’ll find a simple puzzle.

How many puzzles does it take to beat the witness?

The Witness walkthrough is exactly what you need if you’re running up against certain conundrums that you can’t solve, and with over 650 puzzles in total to get through it’s likely that you’ll hit the wall at some point.

How many puzzles are there in witness?

The game includes around 650 puzzles, though the player is not required to solve them all to finish the game.

What are the black pillars in the witness?

large black structures found on the island in The Witness. It’s purpose is directly tied to that of the many hidden Environmental Puzzles, and solving any of the nearby puzzles will light up a corresponding symbol, and reveal the symbols of other nearby puzzles.

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