Often asked: What Is At Tamborine Mountain?

What is Mount Tamborine known for?

The beautiful and picturesque area in the Scenic Rim has a rich history, is home to some of the most fertile land in Queensland, with stunning national parks and rainforests, and has its fair share of food and wine experiences.

What is in Mt Tamborine?

Top Attractions in Tamborine Mountain

  • Tamborine Mountain Glow Worm Caves. 668.
  • Curtis Falls. 290.
  • Witches Falls Winery. 236.
  • Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens. 351.
  • Tamborine Mountain Distillery. 238.
  • Witches Falls Walking Trail. Nature & Wildlife Areas • Hiking Trails.
  • Cedar Creek Falls. Waterfalls.
  • Tamborine National Park.

What is open in Tamborine Mountain?

Sample wineries, local breweries and the TM Distillery or simply amble along one of the many walks, shop for treasures on Gallery Walk, and enjoy the delights of handmade fudge and ice-cream. The Botanic Gardens is open all year round, there are great bookshops, art galleries or enjoy a game of bowls or golf!

Why is it called Mt Tamborine?

The origin of the name Tamborine comes from the Anglicised version of the Aboriginal word Jambreen from the Yugambeh language. The spelling also appears on early records as Tchambreem and even Goombireen, which means ‘wild lime’ and refers to the finger lime trees growing on the mountain.

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Can you swim at Tamborine Mountain?

Curtis Falls – Tamborine Mountain You can’t swim here, but spend some time admiring the lush green palm trees hanging out over the falls and practice your photography skills with this handy post.

Is the road to Mt Tamborine open?

As you may be aware, Tamborine Mountain Road between Mt Tamborine and Canungra, locally referred to as The Goat Track, is currently closed due to a severe pavement and embankment failure along a one way section of the road. Motorists are advised to take alternative routes to access Tamborine Mountain. 5

Is Tamborine Mountain in lockdown?

All Customer Service and Administration Centres (Beaudesert, Boonah and Tamborine Mountain) will be closed for the next three days of the lockdown, and will re-open on Tuesday 6 April after Easter, pending no further health directives.

Is Tamborine Mountain a good place to live?

Tamborine Mountain is a popular place to live thanks to its pleasant climate, with temperatures on the average 4 degrees less than the lowlands, and generally good rainfall.

How tall is Mt Tamborine?

Tamborine Mountain Perfect for: Sunrises, sunsets and stars across the valley below Tamborine Mountain. Location: Hang-glider lookout or Governor’s Chair Lookout, Tamborine Mountain in the Scenic Rim.

How do you get from Tamborine to Gold Coast?

Travelling north from the Gold Coast, Tamborine Mountain is 36km from Southport via the Pacific Highway (exit 57) and follow Oxenford–Tamborine Road or just 28km from Nerang (exit 71) via the Nerang–Beaudesert Road, turning off and following Henri Robert Drive. From Canungra, take the Tamborine Mountain Road for 8km.

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Is Mt Tamborine a volcano?

Geology. Tamborine Mountain’s ancient uprising is the result of eruptions from a huge shield volcano in the Mount Warning area of northern New South Wales about 20 to 23 million years ago. Eruptions smothered the surrounding landscape with layers of basalt lava flows.

How old is Mt Tamborine?

On Tamborine Mountain you’ll see a spectacular variety of cockatoos, rosellas, lorikeets, cockatiels and parakeets, bowerbirds,whipbirds and catbirds.

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