Often asked: What To Do In The Glass House Mountains?

Can you drive up the Glass House Mountains?

Take a drive into the Sunshine Coast Hinterland for some cooler temperatures during Summer to the Glass House Mountain circuit. From Caloundra the Glass House Mountain drive is accessible from the Bruce Highway.

Is it disrespectful to climb Glass House Mountains?

As there is nothing more important than a mother giving birth, Jinibara people are taught to respect and protect Beerwah —a deeply spiritual place. Their lore and custom teaches them not to climb this mountain out of respect for its great sacredness.

What is special about Glass House Mountains?

The Glass House Mountains are intrusive plugs—remnants of volcanic activity that occurred approximately 25–27 million years ago. Millions of years of erosion have removed the surrounding exteriors of the volcanic cones and softer sandstone rocks, leaving the magnificent landscape features you see today.

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Why do people visit the Glass House Mountains?

The rugged volcanic peaks of the Glass House Mountains are listed on the Queensland and National heritage registers as a landscape of national importance due to their cultural significance to the area’s traditional Aboriginal owners, the Gubbi Gubbi people.

What is the easiest Glasshouse mountain to climb?

Mt Ngungun is one of the three most common Glass House Mountains and the easiest, that you are able to climb without the need of climbing gear. Like Mt. Coolum there is a clear path you can easily hike up to be greeted with a wonderful view over the surrounding mountain range.

Which Glass House mountain has the best view?

Mount Tibrogargan is the best of the Glass House mountains to hike and has the best views by far – full 360 views to be exact although the climb is relatively steady you do need to have some fitness levels and make sure to pack your water.

Is Tibrogargan or Beerwah harder?

The highest of the Glasshouse Mountains, the Mt Beerwah summit walk is slightly easier than Mt Tibrogargan but still quite challenging. It has extensive views of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and Glasshouse Mountains.

Is Mt Ngungun sacred?

Like the other Glasshouse Mountain peaks, Ngungun is held sacred by the Aboriginal people. The area was actually a special meeting place to the Gubbi Gubbi Aboriginal people. The mountains themselves are rhyolitic volcanic plugs left by volcanic activity millions of years ago.

Are the Glass House Mountains sacred sites?

The Glass House Mountains in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast region were also named by James Cook and are considered sacred by Aboriginal people. Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service states on its website: ‘The Glass House Mountains mean different things to different people. ‘

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What animals live in the Glass House Mountains?

Koalas, peregrine falcons, parrots, honeyeaters, lizards, echidnas and wallabies are among species found in the area. Natural vegetation linking the national park’s separate sections is vital for the survival of these and other native animals.

What is the spiritual value of the Glass House Mountains?

The mountains lie close to traditional pathways and the peaks are individually important in Aboriginal traditions. The Glass House Mountains continue to be of spiritual significance to the Aboriginal people of the region. The Gubbi Gubbi and Jinibara maintain strong links with the area and this important landscape.

Is Glass House Mountains a good place to live?

” A beautiful place to live.” Such a great place to live the staff in the local shops a helpful and freindly. there are lots of bush walks in the area or you can climb are mountain.

What is the highest Glass House Mountain?

The highest hill is Mount Beerwah at 556 metres above sea level, but the most identifiable of all the hills is Mount Tibrogargan which from certain angles bears a resemblance to a face staring east towards the ocean. The Glass House Mountains are located near Beerburrum State Forest and Steve Irwin Way.

Has anyone died Mt Beerwah?

One person died due to heat on Mount Beerwah – SES crew attended on January 13, 2017. One person with no injuries who was unable to walk down unaided – Fire and Rescue technical rescue crews and SES dispatched on January 17, 2017.

How many mountains are in the Glass House Mountains?

The Glass House Mountains in South East Queensland are an awe-inspiring collection of 11 ranges perfect for hiking, wandering along, and gazing at. But what you might not know is that they’re related to one another in Indigenous mythology.

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