Often asked: Where Are The White Mountains?

What towns make up the White Mountains?

The White Mountains Region is a tourism region designated by the New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism. Important settlements in the region include:

  • Littleton.
  • Whitefield.
  • Bethlehem.
  • Gorham.
  • North Conway.
  • Conway.
  • Lincoln.
  • Campton.

Where are the White Mountains National Forest?

The White Mountain National Forest in eastern New Hampshire and western Maine ranges from mountainous hardwood forests to majestic alpine peaks. Come experience the breathtaking scenery, clear mountain lakes and streams, wildlife, and outdoor recreation opportunities year round.

Why are they called the White Mountains in New Hampshire?

Since from the coastal areas the highest peaks seemed to have snow on them, they were given the name of White Mountains by an explorer in 1524. The White Mountains’ highest peak, Mount Washington, is also a part of the Presidential Range of mountains.

What is White Mountain known for?

Its most famous peak is Mount Washington, which at 6,288 feet (1,917 m) is the highest mountain in the Northeastern U.S. and home to the fastest surface wind gust (231 miles per hour (372 km/h), over 100 m/s, in 1934) measured in the Northern Hemisphere.

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Is White Mountain free?

Most White Mountain National Forest lands are open and free of charge for your use and enjoyment.

Are White Mountains open?

Current Conditions: Roads open: Rock Creek Road, McGee Creek, Sabrina Lake, South Lake, North Lake, Glacier Lodge Rd. (Big Pine Creek), White Mountain Rd to Patriarch Grove and White Mountain Peak Trailhead.

What animals are in the White Mountains?

It is home to wildlife species including bald eagle, raccoon, beaver, white-tailed deer, moose, black bear, coyote, peregrine falcon, Canadian lynx, river otter, bobcat, gray and red foxes, fisher, mink and porcupine.

Are the White Mountains difficult?

People new to the White Mountains are often surprised by how rugged the trails are. They’re often narrow, steep, and require good scrambling skills to ascend and descend.

Is Franconia in the White Mountains?

Franconia Notch State Park is located in the heart of the White Mountain National Forest. Franconia Notch is a spectacular mountain pass traversed by a unique parkway which extends from the Flume Gorge at the south to Echo Lake at the north.

What percentage of White Mountains cover NH?

The mountains themselves cover approximately one-quarter of all of New Hampshire’s total land area, and a small portion of the western edge of Maine. They are close to the northern terminus of the larger Appalachian Mountain range and are known for their challenging terrain.

Do the White Mountains extend into Maine?

White Mountains, segment of the Appalachian Mountains, U.S., extending for 87 miles (140 km) across north-central New Hampshire and slightly into western Maine. They contain the highest elevations in the northeastern United States.

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How tall is White Mountain?

1,917 m

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