Often asked: Where Do Mountain Pygmy Possums Live?

Where do mountain pygmy possums eat?

The Mountain Pygmy-possum likes to eat the fruit of the Mountain Plum Pine, berries, fleshy fruits, Bogong months, insects, nectar and seeds. The female mountain Pygmy-possum can live for up to 13 years, making it the longest-living small marsupial known.

What trees do pygmy possums live in?

The Eastern Pygmy Possum inhabits heathland, Banksia scrub and eucalypt forests along the south-east coast of Australia, from south-eastern Queensland to far south-eastern South Australia. Populations also occur west of the Great Dividing Range at Pilliga Forest in NSW, and in Tasmania.

How many mountain pygmy possums are left 2020?

Current estimates suggest there are only 1500 Mountain Pygmy-possums left in New South Wales and Victoria, with numbers fluctuating depending on the severity of weather conditions from one year to the next, Prof. Archer says.

Why are mountain pygmy possums endangered?

The Mountain Pygmy-possum is threatened in NSW by the loss, degradation and fragmentation of habitat. Two of the four main sub-populations are located within ski resort areas. Past management practices by the resorts have led to direct loss of habitat and alteration of vegetation.

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How can we save mountain pygmy possums?

Project activities that have been designed to help the species recover include:

  1. Population monitoring and baseline genetic data collection.
  2. Weed control to enable recovery of Mountain Plum Pine (Podocarpus lawrencei), a favourite source of food for Mountain Pygmy-possum.
  3. Revegetating habitat with appropriate species.

How long do mountain pygmy possums live for?

Pygmy possums live to approximately five years in the wild.

Do pygmy possums make good pets?

They are very good pets for beginners because of their cleanliness, omnivorous diet, and general good health. These opossums are small, generally friendly creatures with easy care requirements, and they certainly are cute!

How big do pygmy possums get?

Pygmy possums range in length from about 5 to 12 cm (2.0 to 4.7 in), and usually weigh between 10 and 50 grams (0.35 and 1.76 oz). They are nocturnal and omnivorous, living on a diet of invertebrates, fruit, seed, nectar and pollen. They are excellent climbers, due in part to their prehensile tails.

Can you have a pygmy possum as a pet?

It’s illegal to keep them without a wildlife rehabilitation permit, though, and once they’re old enough to survive on their own, healthy possums can, and should, be released. They’re wild animals who don’t fare well often in captivity. Trying to transform a possum into a pet can be expensive and heartbreaking.

Is the mountain pygmy-possum critically endangered?

Mountain Pygmy-possums were thought to be extinct until they were rediscovered at Mt Hotham in the 1960s. There are fewer than 2,000 critically endangered Mountain Pygmy-possums left in the wild. The possum is Australia’s only hibernating marsupial; it hibernates for up to seven months under the snow.

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Is the mountain pygmy-possum endangered?

Both males and females are noted to hibernate under an insulating layer of snow. During the breeding season in the spring and summer months, older, heavier mountain pygmy possums typically occupy the highest quality habitats.

What is the life cycle of the pygmy possum?

Up to four young are born. The young grow quickly and are weaned 9-10 weeks after conception. They leave the nest a month later. Most pygmy-possums live for only 1-3 years, however males can live to five years, and females to 12.

Are possums going extinct?

Not extinct

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