Often asked: Where Is Cheyenne Mountain?

What is under Cheyenne Mountain?

Under what became known as the Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center (CMOC), several centers supported the NORAD missions of aerospace warning and aerospace control and provided warning of ballistic missile or air attacks against North America.

Who owns Cheyenne Mountain?

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoological Society was founded in 1926 by philanthropist Spencer Penrose to house his growing collection of exotic animals. In 1938, after substantial development, Mr. Penrose deeded the Zoo as a non-profit public trust to the people of Colorado Springs.

When did Cheyenne Mountain close?

The North American Aerospace Defense Command complex in Colorado was designed to ride out a nuclear attack. The base was closed in the 2000s but reopened due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is there really a Cheyenne Mountain Complex?

Cheyenne Mountain Complex is a protected, closed-to-the-public underground facility situated inside Cheyenne Mountain in the southwest corner of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

What replaced Cheyenne Mountain?

The Army Corps of Engineers supervised the excavation of Cheyenne Mountain and the construction of an operational center within the granite mountain. The Cheyenne Mountain facility became fully operational as the NORAD Combat Operations Center on Feb.

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What is the purpose of Cheyenne Mountain?

The mountain serves as a host for military, communications, recreational, and residential functions. The underground operations center for the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) was built during the Cold War to monitor North American airspace for missile launches and Soviet military aircraft.

Is there a train at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo?

The Mountaineer was a miniature cog train that ran from the Broadmoor Hotel to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. The Mountaineer Zoo Train is long gone, but you can still find remnants of the historic equipment in the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s parking lot.

Who is buried on Cheyenne Mountain?

Originally commissioned as a mausoleum, Julie and Spencer Penrose are buried there, as are two of Penrose’s business associates, Horace Devereaux and Larry Leonard, who Wynn describes as lifelong “confirmed bachelors” and friends of Penrose.

Is the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo ethical?

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, a non-profit that requires facilities to operate under the highest standards of animal management. β€œThe zoo did everything right and the staff acted swiftly and took care of the guests and animals as appropriate.”

Can Cheyenne Mountain survive a nuke?

Crews said that, contrary to popular belief, the US military never initially designed Cheyenne Mountain to withstand a direct nuclear missile strike. β€œ Cheyenne Mountain was never designed to be a direct hit. It was always designed for a near miss or a hit from about 10 miles.”

Can you drive up Cheyenne Mountain?

Russell Tutt Scenic Highway. A “hidden gem” is the Russell Tutt Scenic Highway. It takes you to the Will Rodgers Shrine inside the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. It’s only a 1.4-mile drive up the mountain and it provides amazing views of Colorado Springs.

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How much does it cost to go to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo?

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is located about 6 miles south of Colorado Springs. The facility is open every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Peak season (holidays, spring break and June through September) admission costs $24.75 for adults ages 12 to 64, $19.75 for kids ages 3 to 11 and $0.75 for infants 2 and younger.

Why is it called Norad?

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) was a pact made in 1957, at the height of the Cold War. It placed under joint command the air forces of Canada and the United States. Its name was later changed to the North American Aerospace Defense Command; but it kept the NORAD acronym.

How big is the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo?

With its distinctive mountainside setting at an elevation of 6,714, you’ll discover wild animals, engaging exhibits and irresistible attractions. At Cheyenne Mountain Zoo the wonders of the wild are just a short trip away!

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