Often asked: Where Is Gospers Mountain?

Where was the Gospers Mountain fire?

Anatomy of a ‘mega-blaze’ At the fading edge of this 24-hour storm, a pair of cloud-to-ground strikes were registered near the decommissioned Gospers airstrip, deep in the cragged gullies of Wollemi National Park.

What started the Gospers Mountain fire?

On 26 October 2019, a fierce electrical storm passed through the Wollemi National Park. One lightning strike ignited a tree near Gospers Mountain and started a huge bushfire which was to consume over one million hectares of land over the following 79 days and earned the name the Gospers Mountain Megafire.

What is the Gospers Mountain fire?

In total, the Gospers Mountain fire on 26 October burnt 512,626 hectares across the Lithgow, Hawkesbury, Hunter Valley, Lower Hunter, Cudgegong, Blue Mountains and Central Coast districts – an area more than twice the size of the ACT. It also joined the Kerry Ridge, Little L Complex, Grose Valley and Three Mile fires.

What year was the Gospers Mountain fire?

NSW Rural Fire Service crews fight the Gospers Mountain Fire as it impacts a property at Bilpin, Saturday, 21 December, 2019.

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How many birds died in Australia fire?

New WWF research reveals that the toll on wildlife was around three times higher than an earlier study estimated. In total, 143 million mammals, 2.46 billion reptiles, 180 million birds, and 51 million frogs were harmed.

How much did the Gospers Mountain bushfire cost?

However, economists estimated that the Australian bushfires may cost over A$103 billion in property damage and economic losses, making the bushfires Australia’s costliest natural disaster to date.

How did they stop the Gospers Mountain fire?

That lightning bolt hit a stringybark tree deep in the park at Running Stream, 15 kilometres from the nearest road. NPWS dispatched a helicopter with a Remote Area Firefighting Team (RAFT), but strong winds stopped them winching down. Months later, a helicopter is still the only way to reach the ignition point.

What are the worst fires in Australian history?

2009, Black Saturday The Black Saturday bushfires were the worst in Australia’s history, killing 173 people. Almost 80 communities and entire towns were left unrecognisable. The fires burned more than 2,000 properties and 61 businesses.

What is a Megafire?

That’s why you’ll be hearing the term gigafire. The blaze known as the August Complex ravaging California is now being classified as a gigafire, a fire that destroys 1 million acres of land. It surpasses the term megafire, a fire that consumes over 100,000 acres.

What is the importance of fire for you?

Fire removes low-growing underbrush, cleans the forest floor of debris, opens it up to sunlight, and nourishes the soil. Reducing this competition for nutrients allows established trees to grow stronger and healthier. History teaches us that hundreds of years ago forests had fewer, yet larger, healthier trees.

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Who started the NSW bushfires?

On 3 February 2020 local media reported that the Kangaroo Island fires had been started by lightning. According to the Victorian Country Fire Authority (CFA) and the NSW RFS, the majority of the 2019–20 fires in Victoria and NSW were caused by lightning.

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