Often asked: Where Is Mountain Creek In Qld?

How far is Mountain Creek from the beach?

How far is it from Mountain Creek to Coolum Beach? The distance between Mountain Creek and Coolum Beach is 18 km.

Is Mountain Creek a nice place to live?

2 Answers. Mountain Creek is a lovely, family oriented area that certainly is close to everything! 7 minutes to beautiful Mooloolaba beach, 7 minutes to Sunshine Plaza and even closer to shops, parks and hugely popular schools.

Is Mountain Creek a city in Australia?

Mountain Creek is a suburb of Buderim in the Sunshine Coast Region, Queensland, Australia.

What Shire is Mountain Creek in?

Greater Hume Shire, New South Wales Mountain Creek is a small New South Wales Rural Location within the local government area of Greater Hume Shire, it is located approximately 427kms from the capital Sydney covering an area of 144.061 square kilometres.

What is Mountain Creek postcode?

We’re a true 4-season resort with our bike park, waterpark, and multiple restaurants and lodges. Mountain Creek started as “Great Gorge Resort ” in 1965, on what is now known as Bear and South Peaks, by founding families the Kurlanders, Fitzgeralds and Bakers.

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