Question: How Many Mountain Pygmy Possums Are Left?

How many mountain pygmy-possums are left 2020?

Current estimates suggest there are only 1500 Mountain Pygmy-possums left in New South Wales and Victoria, with numbers fluctuating depending on the severity of weather conditions from one year to the next, Prof. Archer says.

What is the population of the Mountain Pygmy-possum?

There are around 2000 Mountain Pygmy-possum in the wild. Their habitat requirements restrict their distribution, meaning numbers cannot significantly increase. Consequently, genetic loss is a key threat to the small populations and the protection of habitat is critical.

How many mountain pygmy-possums are in the wild?

The total population size is estimated to be less than 2600 adults, restricted to a total range less than 10 square kilometres. It is the only mammal that is entirely restricted to the alpine and subalpine regions of south-eastern Australia.

Why is the Mountain Pygmy-possum going extinct?

The Mountain Pygmy-possum is threatened in NSW by the loss, degradation and fragmentation of habitat. Two of the four main sub-populations are located within ski resort areas. Past management practices by the resorts have led to direct loss of habitat and alteration of vegetation.

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What eats mountain pygmy possums?

Threats to pygmy possums Owls, Tasmanian Devils, dingoes, quolls, goannas and snakes all eat pygmy possums. Feral cats, foxes and dogs have increased this predation pressure.

How can we save pygmy possums?

Project activities that have been designed to help the species recover include:

  1. Population monitoring and baseline genetic data collection.
  2. Weed control to enable recovery of Mountain Plum Pine (Podocarpus lawrencei), a favourite source of food for Mountain Pygmy-possum.
  3. Revegetating habitat with appropriate species.

What are the threats to the Mountain Pygmy-possum?

The major threats Climate change, the loss of habitat and predators, mainly feral cats and foxes, are all severe threats to the Mountain Pygmy-possum. An emerging threat is the reduction in the possum’s key food source over spring, the Bogong Moth.

Is the pygmy-possum endangered?

It’s illegal to keep them without a wildlife rehabilitation permit, though, and once they’re old enough to survive on their own, healthy possums can, and should, be released. They’re wild animals who don’t fare well often in captivity. Trying to transform a possum into a pet can be expensive and heartbreaking.

Is pygmy possum a rodent?

The pygmy possums are a family of small possums that together form the marsupial family Burramyidae. The mountain pygmy possum is the only mammal restricted to the alpine and sub-alpine areas of mainland Australia.

What is the life cycle of a possum?

Under ideal conditions, adult possums weigh an average of 3-4kg, and have a lifespan of around nine years. Possums reach full reproductive maturity at between 1 and 2 years of age. Breeding occurs from late March until early May, with a gestation period of 17-19 days.

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Are possums going extinct?

The Mountain Pygmy-possum lives only in alpine and subalpine areas on the highest mountains of Victoria and NSW. In NSW the entire range is in a 30 km by 8 km area of Kosciuszko National Park between Thredbo and Kerries Ridge, where it occupies less than four square kilometres of habitat.

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