Quick Answer: When Is The Best Time To Go To Snowy Mountains?

What months does it snow in Thredbo?

While the absolute best conditions for snow at Thredbo are mid-July to mid-August, travelling just before or just after this time will reward you with similar conditions, but cheaper accommodation in the area as there’s less demand for the limited accommodation in Thredbo Village.

Where to go in snowy mountains when you don’t wanna ski?

Here are some top winter alternatives to get the best out of your Thredbo holiday.

  1. Alpine Walks.
  2. Thredbo Leisure Centre.
  3. Culture Vultures.
  4. Rock Climbing.
  5. Winter Trout Fishing on Lake Jindabyne.
  6. Snowy Mountains holiday shopping.
  7. Blow up Obstacle Course and Waterslide.
  8. Horse Riding.

What should I bring to Snowy Mountains?

The essentials

  • Comfortable underwear; sports bras, boxer shorts, thick socks etc.
  • Thermals – top and bottom, made of a good moisture-wicking material.
  • Jumper or jacket to go over your thermals and if you pick a nice looking one, can be worn to après-ski parties.
  • Beanie or woollen hat.
  • Skiing/snowboarding gloves.
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How often does it snow in snowy mountains?

On average, it rains or snows a fair amount: 8 to 9 times per month.

Will there be snow in Thredbo in June?

The snow season officially starts on the weekend 4 -5 June. However snow cannot be guaranteed that early in the season.

Can you go to the snow and not ski?

Even if you don’t ski or snowboard, you can still enjoy the magic of winter in the Snowy Mountains region of New South Wales, 450km south of Sydney. From caving to soaking in thermal waters, enjoying epic road trips or trying snow-shoeing, you’ll find plenty to do.

What do you do in snow if you don’t ski?

Best of the Snowies for non-skiers

  • Play a round of disc golf.
  • Go caving at Yarrangobilly.
  • Go bush with the WilderQuest crew.
  • See a pop-up concert in Thredbo.
  • Go snowshoeing in Thredbo.
  • Go snow tubing in Perisher.
  • Ride the chairlift just for fun.
  • Treat yourself to a homemade cake at Whisk and Cocoa Cake Parlour.

Is Perisher or Thredbo higher?

Terrain and mountain stats at Perisher vs Thredbo Winner: Perisher. Thredbo does have a higher vertical drop of 672m and longer runs, but Perisher offers more than double the amount of runs and lifts.

Does it snow in snowy mountains?

It’s also the highest resort in the mountains and is completely snowed in during the season.

Does Blue Mountains have snow?

Snowfall. The Blue Mountains generally has a reputation for snow in winter, however, despite the cool temperatures there are only around 5 snow days per year in the upper mountains. It is extremely rare to see snow below Lawson.

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Does Jindabyne have snow?

Jindabyne is a country town located 463km south-west of Sydney. There is no snow in Jindabyne (well maybe for about 3 days in every 2 years), Jindabyne is a rather plain looking place, apart from the lake which is scenic. Jindabyne is largely an accommodation base for Thredbo and Perisher-Blue.

How cold does it get in the snowy mountains?

As the area varies from tablelands to the highest mountains in Australia, naturally the weather conditions vary according to altitude. In the lower districts temperatures range from around 9 to 28 degrees celsius in summer and between -5 and 16 degrees celsius during winter.

How do you plan a snow trip?

How To Plan A Snow Trip – 7 Things You Need To Remember

  1. 1) Accommodation. For short stays at a snow resort, you don’t typically need to book really far in advance.
  2. 2) Flights.
  3. 3) Ground Transport.
  4. 4) Visa.
  5. 5) Lift Tickets & Season Passes.
  6. 6) Travel Insurance.
  7. 7) Jobs.

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