Quick Answer: Where The Mountains Of Mourne Come Down To The Sea?

Who whistled the Mountains of Morne?

The lyrics to the song The Mountains of Mourne (originally spelt The Mountains o’ Mourne) were written by Irish musician Percy French (1854–1920), the music was composed by Houston Collisson (1865–1920).

Where can the mountains of Mourne be found?

LOCATION. The Mourne Mountains are in County Down, lying 31 miles (50 km) south of Belfast and just over 62 miles (100km) north of Dublin.

Where is mournes sweep to the sea?

Where the Mournes Sweep To The Sea – Newcastle – Discover Northern Ireland.

Where did Percy French Write the mountains of Mourne?

William Percy French (1854–1920) of Co. Roscommon wrote the lyrics to this song around 1896 on a postcard that he then sent to music-hall composer William Houston Collison. The song tells the story of an Irishman working away from home in London, recounting both the strange things he sees and his longing to be home.

Where in Ireland are the mountains of Mourne?

The popular song has made the Mournes the best known mountains in Ireland. Distinctive and self contained, they are tucked away in the south east corner of Northern Ireland, with 12 shapely summits rising above 2,000 ft on the eastern side.

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What animals live in the Mourne Mountains?

Habitats and Species The Mournes have been home to species such as ravens, red grouse and peregrine falcons, as well as the Irish hare and on a winter’s day you may be lucky enough to spot a beautiful snow bunting.

Which Mourne mountain should I climb?

1. Slieve Donard, Newcastle. Towering above Northern Ireland, Slieve Donard offers an amazing hiking opportunity for novice hikers who want a challenging hike that will be rewarded with excellent views. Slieve Donard is the highest mountain in Northern Ireland, standing at 850m.

Which Mourne mountain is easiest to climb?

If you do manage to make it as far as the Mourne Wall, cross over using the stile (after you’ve had your lunch of course!) and you will see Doan mountain in the distance slightly to the left. It is a flat-topped mountain and is very easy to climb once you get there following the trail round.

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