Readers ask: How To Get To Cradle Mountain?

Can you drive up to Cradle Mountain?

Is the road inside the Cradle mountain is restricted? You cannot drive all around the park in any circumstances. There is a road that runs from the Visitor Centre to Dove Lake and that’s all there is. The boom gate is open early in the morning until the carpark at Dove Lake is full.

What is the closest airport to Cradle Mountain?

The nearest airport to Cradle Mountain is Burnie (BWT). However, there are better options for getting to Cradle Mountain. You can take a bus from Hobart (HBA) to Cradle Mountain via No. 159-161 Collins St, Hobart Transit Centre, Launceston, and Cradle Mountain Information Centre in around 8h 41m.

Where do you enter Cradle Mountain?

Directions. The Cradle Mountain–Lake St Clair National Park is accessible from Sheffield in the north and Derwent Bridge in the south. The northern entrance to the park is 1.5 hours from Devonport and 2.5 hours from Launceston.

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How do I get from Launceston to Cradle Mountain?

There are 2 ways to get from Launceston to Cradle Mountain by bus

  1. Take the bus from Launceston College, Brisbane St to Corner Of Pioneer Dr & Caveside Rd 762.
  2. Travel from Corner Of Pioneer Dr & Caveside Rd to Cradle Mountain.

How many days do you need in Cradle Mountain?

Aside from the Overland Track, walkers can also enjoy a circuit of Cradle Mountain. For the Overland Track, walkers will spend around 5 nights/6 days (depending on pace) walking 65 kilometres. For more in-depth information, visit Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife.

Does it cost to go to Cradle Mountain?

The entrance fee is $16.50 per adult per day, but if you’re travelling in a group or visiting more than one park in Tasmania, it’s often more economical to buy the Holiday Pass which costs $30 per person or $60 per vehicle and is valid for 2 months (prices as of January 2019).

What is there to see between Launceston and Cradle Mountain?

Top 3 to see: Drive tour from Launceston to Cradle Mountain

  • Day 1: Launceston. Tamar River Cruise – Cruise along the famous river and view the Cataract Gorge in style over lunch, morning or afternoon tea.
  • Day 2: Launceston to Cradle Mountain.
  • Day 3: Cradle Mountain.

How far is Cradle Mountain from Strahan?

There are 81.29 km (50.51 miles) from Cradle Mountain to Strahan in southwest direction and 138.40 km (86 miles) by car, following the C132 route. Cradle Mountain and Strahan are 1 hour 44 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop.

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How do you get from Sydney to Cradle Mountain?

There is no direct connection from Sydney to Cradle Mountain. However, you can take the train to International Airport Station, take the walk to Sydney airport, fly to Launceston, then take the travel to Cradle Mountain.

What is the best way to see Cradle Mountain?

Visitor Centre at Cradle Mountain The Visitor Centre at the parking area is the best place to start your visit. The interpretation section is excellent. They also advise on weather conditions and walk safety. A shuttle runs from the Visitor Centre into the National Park to visit Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake.

What should I wear to Cradle Mountain?

Lower-profile hiking shoes, walking shoes, running shoes, approach shoes, sand shoes, elasticised boots and similar are not acceptable. Boots must be worn in to minimise the risk of blisters. The Overland Track is quite unique in the nature of its terrain.

What is the closest city to Cradle Mountain?

Cradle Mountain is a 1.5-hr drive from Devonport and a 2.5-hour drive from Launceston. McDermotts Coaches runs four Cradle Discoverer buses from the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service visitor centre into Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park.

Can you do a day trip to Cradle Mountain from Launceston?

Gray Line Day Tour 765. Travel deep into the lush rainforest of Cradle Mountain National Park. Walk through the Enchanted Forest and around the spectacular scenery of Dove Lake and indulge on some of Australia’s finest cheeses.

How hard is the Cradle Mountain walk?

The Cradle Mountain Hike takes, on average, between 5 and 8 hours to climb. It is a 12 km return walk covering an elevation of 747 m and is classed as difficult. However, the difficulties of the Cradle Mountain hike aren’t in the distance, but in the nature of the trail itself.

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Is there a bus to Cradle Mountain?

Cradle Mountain Public Visitor Transport Access to Cradle Mountain National Park and Dove Lake is by the National Park Shuttle Bus. The Cradle Discoverer operated by McDermott’s Coaches consists of a fleet of purpose-built hybrid diesel-electric, low floor, wheelchair accessible buses.

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