Readers ask: How To Get To Cypress Mountain?

Is there a shuttle to Cypress Mountain?

At Cypress Coach Lines, you can rely on us to take you from one of our convenient shuttle stop locations to Cypress Mountain with comfort and with ease.

How do you get to Cypress Mountain without a car?

The best way to get from Vancouver to Cypress Mountain Ski Area without a car is to bus which takes 1h 27m and costs $25. How long does it take to get from Vancouver to Cypress Mountain Ski Area? The bus from Vancouver Art Gallery to Cypress Mountain takes 1h 27m including transfers and departs hourly.

Can I drive to Cypress Mountain?

Wow; will surely come out of your mouth when venturing out to Cypress Mountain. Even better news is that you can drive right up to the cross country skiing, snowboarding and ski station without a gondola or other payable structures.

Do you need chains to go to Cypress?

You will be able to make it up as long as it is not heavily snowing. Sometimes they check though and it is required to have winter tires or chains. All depends on weather at the time of travel and your own risk tollerance. Cypress Hill represent!

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Is Cypress Mountain good for beginners?

Often regarded as the “biggest” of the North Shore Mountains, Cypress is actually great for beginners. For starters, they address all three newbie fears (skill, equipment and price) in one package.

Do you need snow tires to get up to Cypress?

For the safety of all road users, Winter or M+S rated tires are mandatory for vehicles on Cypress Bowl Road at all times from October 1st to March 31st. Winter rated tires are strongly recommended during snowfall events.

Do Evo cars have winter tires?

All Evo vehicles are also outfitted with Mud and Snow tires which meet BC’s winter tire requirements. Learn more about our cars here.

Is there WiFi on Cypress Mountain?

The mountain is stunningly beautiful and sky chair has the best views. Terrain is ok. High speed quad chairs are nice, RF ID to enter the ski area. WiFi is impossible to connect!

Does Cypress have a gondola?

Those visiting and working at Cypress Mountain will have to utilize the new gondola. The existing access road up the mountain will be limited to only maintenance and delivery vehicles, the mountain’s new ski area residents, and will only be open to everyone during the gondola’s non-operating hours.

How long is Cypress ski season?

Our season typically runs from December till mid-April. Our daytime snowshoe trails are open from 9am-4pm daily!

Who owns Cypress Mountain?

Michigan-based Boyne Resorts announced today it has assumed full ownership of Cypress Mountain Resort, in West Vancouver, along with five other resorts in the US.

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Is Cypress Provincial Park free?

Some of the hiking trails at Cypress Provincial Park make good snowshoeing routes in winter too and they are free!

Does Cypress have a magic carpet?

On Cypress’ terrain map they have a magic carpet so we wanted to give it a go. Our Magic Carpet is exclusively used for our Skooters 5 & Under program.

What are M S tires?

Mud and snow tires are all-season tires which have been approved for use in both muddy and snowy conditions by the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association. These tires usually have the “M+S” designation somewhere on the tire (depending on the brand, it may be shown as M&S or just MS).

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